Tenancies we can help with

All regularly updated to comply with rapidly changing laws

  • AST – The most common form of tenancy agreement used by letting agents, we have a range of versions dependant on deposit scheme (including deposit replacement), landlord or agent managed, HMO, bills inclusive, additional clauses for selective and additional licences.
  • Contractual Tenancies - For a company tenant we have agent managed and landlord managed tenancy agreements that allow the tenant to be a limited company and naturally fall outside the housing act 1988.
  • Other non-housing act tenancies such as the property not being the tenants main or principle home, holiday/short lets and lettings by resident landlords.

All our tenancy agreements are fully customisable to suit your needs including break clauses and fixed term periods up to 3 years (we recommend speaking with a solicitor for tenancies with a fixed term of 3 years or more)

If you are unsure your tenant isn't on the correct tenancy agreement contact us today for a free health check.